Services: High Field Open MRI

At Enhanced Medical Imaging, we are focused on providing patient comfort by offering our patients a high-field open MRI option.

-Our High-Field Open MRI has an asymmetric two-post architecture that provides easy

  access from all four sides and offers the patient a comfortable non-claustrophobic


-The open design easily accommodates not only claustrophobic patients but also those

  who are anxious or larger than average.

-The spacious opening on the MRI allows a friend, loved one or healthcare professional to

  be seated at the patient’s side during the exam.


Our Radiologists prefer the High Field open MRI that EMI offers, to other Low Field Open MRI systems.  This is because our High-Field Open MRI  sytem is intalled with Hitachi's VOSI software. Allowing us to deliver greater detail and offer more advanced medical imaging or radiology techniques with image quality equal to 1.3T-1.5T.


To learn more about our Hitachi MRI click here.



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