Q) Where are you located?

A) Click here for our location details.


Q) Do you accept my insurance?

A) Yes. We work with all insurance plans and are willing to work with patients who have no insurance or have financial hardship. We will set up affordable payment options.


Q) When do I get my results?

A) Our radiologist will look at your images soon after your scan is complete. He will then interpret your images and dictate the results. A report is generated shortly following the dictation.


Q) How long will my appointment take?

A) It will depend upon what your doctor would like you to have done. MRI Scans can take as few as 15 minutes and as long as 40 minutes. With paperwork and changing time, the average person spends about one hour with us.


Q) Is your MRI open?

A) Yes, we offer high-field open magnetic resonance imaging. In fact, our MRI (Hitachi Altaire) has the largest gantry among all open MRI systems. This means that it is the "most open" of any open design. In addition, whenever possible, we position patients so that they can look out of the windows in our MRI room. Patients find that this is helpful in alleviating anxiety.


Q) What should I wear during an MRI?

A) We have scrubs or gowns that patients can change into. If the patient wants to wear his or her own clothing, we recommend loose, comfortable clothing. The clothing should not contain any metal (zippers or buttons), which may interfere with the MRI scan. A sweat suit would be ideal.


Q) What is MRI?

A) MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI is one form of imaging used by physicians to obtain clinically useful diagnostic information. Incorporating advanced technology, MRI produces images of anatomy without the use of radiation required with other imaging modalities such as x-ray and CT scanning.


Q) How does MRI work?

A) MRI images are formed when signals emitted by body tissue are processed by software and turned into clinical images. These signals are generated using a safe magnetic field in combination with radio waves of a specific frequency. Different tissue characteristics are translated into different contrast levels on the image. You can help to make your images as clean as possible by relaxing and remaining still during the exam. Some patients even fall asleep during an MRI exam.


Q) Why is my doctor recommending that I go to Enhanced Medical Imaging™ of Elgin for an open MRI instead of somewhere else?

A) In addition to our outstanding patient care and services, we have High-Field Open MRI (as opposed to low-field or mid-field). This means that you will get the clearest images of all other Open MRI systems. Our Hitachi Altaire High-Field Open MRI has a higher magnetic field strength than other open MRI systems. The high magnetic field combined with the special software produces images comparable to or better than closed MRI systems. This means that we are able to make the most accurate diagnoses and a surgeon would be able to use your pictures confidently during an operation. Oftentimes, patients who have an MRI from a low or mid-field MRI must repeat the exam if he or she needs surgery because the images are not clear enough. Your doctor is sending you to Enhanced Medical Imaging™ of Elgin because he or she wants you to receive the best health care possible.

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